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We are delighted to announce that we are running a Halloween National virtual dressage competition for Irish Pony Club members (hosted by CGP equestrian).  Entries will be open on the Irish Pony Club Its Plain Sailing page between 09.00 on Monday 11th October and 23.59 on Monday 1st November.  Videos of dressage tests should be submitted to the CGP equestrian website according to the instructions provided at They will be judged by Listed dressage judges who will give useful feedback which will help riders to improve in the future. 


Every competitor will receive a special 'Tiggy's Trust' participation rosette.


Classes are at Introductory, Preliminary, Novice and Elementary dressage levels. 

Members can ride more than one dressage test, at more than one level, on more than one pony (with no age or H/C restrictions) and are encouraged to tr​y a test at a higher level than their current level in dressage. 


Entries are €17.00 of which €3.00 will be donated to Tiggy's Trust. 

Irish Pony Club Its Plain Sailing Page


The dressage tests for the National Dressage virtual dressage competition are listed below:  All dressage tests are available on the IPC website on the ‘Downloads’ page at

And also on the CCP Equestrian website at


Introductory level:

South Munster Intro to dressage test C (2012) (ie current U10 CT test)

Dressage Ireland Introductory test A (2017)


Preliminary level: 

The IPC pre-novice test (2019) (ie current U12 CT and Eventing test)

BE 90 dressage test 95 (2012) (ie current Junior CT & Eventing test)

BE 90 dressage test 96 (2016) (ie current Intermediate CT & Eventing test)

Dressage Ireland P4 (2016)


Novice level:

BE Novice dressage test 112 (2010) (ie the current Open CT and Eventing test)

Dressage Ireland N23 (2012)


Elementary level:

Dressage Ireland E50 (2013)

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