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To Do List:

Get your horse fit, on the day of an event he will have to do a dressage test, show jump, 

and a cross country round of approximately 4 – 5 minutes. You and your pony should have 

practiced all the 3 disciplines. 

Don’t forget to adjust your pony’s food according to his work.

Plan your training, it cannot happen in the last two weeks before your event.

Plan your arrival time around your dressage time, and make note if you have to walk your 

cross country at the beginning of the day, this could happen if your cross country will start 

close enough to your show jumping.

Your horse/pony will need to be plaited for the dressage and show jumping, these may be 

removed for the cross country (xc), if you prefer.










When you arrive on the field collect your numbers (they may be given to another Bray PC 

member who should keep them in their box for distribution).

To Bring For Your Horse

Tack for 3 disciplines, especially change of bits, make a list of your tack for each             


Grooming kit with extra plaiting bands.

At least 2 buckets, with sponges, sweat scraper, and possibly shampoo.

Water and hay for the day.

Ice gel / Stay Sound for your horses legs after cross country.

Crops and spurs (optional).

Numnahs, a few in case of rain, only white for Dressage, and plain colours for Show

Jumping and XC.

Boots for horse, for travelling and for jumping if worn.

Cooler rug(s).

Medical Bag for your pony and yourself.

Studs (optional), if using your pony must have stud hole shoes.

To Bring For Yourself

Dressage Test, it is the same for all the events in your class.

Hats, at the minimum a skull cap to standard for Cross Country.

Riding jacket or Pony Club sweatshirt as appropriate for age of rider –



Alternatively black, navy, tweed or grey riding jacket for Dressage and Show Jumping. Under 12’s may ride dressage test in branch sweatshirt.

Back protector, must be worn for all jumping.

Appropriate clothes for each discipline (make a list of your own).

Number bibs.

Riding Boots.

Boots for walking cross country.

Change of jodhpurs and clothes for going home.

Rain gear.

Hair nets, gloves, medical armband, stock/ (self-tie), back protector, Pony Club badge.

Your Lunch.

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