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What is Combined Training?

Combined Training is a test of the horse and rider’s ability to perform a simple dressage test followed by a straightforward show jumping round, both of which test the horse’s obedience, suppleness and calmness.


The competitions covered by these rules and organised in the IPC Areas throughout the summer should be within the capability of most members who have attained the C Test standard. Members should be encouraged to take part as it provides the general experience necessary for the preparation and horsemanship required in most P.C. activities. 

Dress and Saddlery;

Please refer to current Tack Sheet for the Discipline. The Dressage Tack sheet for the Dressage Test and the Show Jumping Tack Sheet for the Jumping Phase of the Combined Training competition. 

General Information for Competitors; 

Competitors must be bona fide members of the stated Branch of the IPC and have regularly attended rallies. 

Please refer to the following for the Combined Training & Dressage rule book;


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