What is Tetrathlon?

Tetrathlon is a very demanding competition with four parts:

  1. Swimming,
  2. Running,
  3. Riding,
  4. Shooting.

The Aim of The Pony Club Tetrathlon is to provide Members with a
challenging competition requiring sound practical horsemanship and
general athletic ability. Thus all-rounders should be encouraged to
further their interest in riding and the horse generally by combining
riding with other activities, thereby retaining their interest in The Pony

The Tetrathlon originated as a competition for boys, but there are
separate competitions for girls, under identical rules except where
otherwise stated. Boys’ and girls’ competitions are run separately from
each other, though they may take place at the same event.

SCORING The Pony Club scoring system is similar to the Modern
Pentathlon method in that competitors score positive points according to
the standard of their performance in each phase. In the Running and the
Riding Phases, they are based on standards of 1,000 and 1,400
respectively, competitors having marks deducted or, in the Running, bonus
marks added, according to their performance compared to the standard.

In the Shooting and Swimming positive marks are awarded for shots on
the target and distances swum and on scales such that scores are
commensurate with those of other phases. Ideally each phase should
have an equal influence on the final result (except that riding should have
slightly more weight). The scores of a competitor in each of the four
phases are added together to give his overall score for the
Tetrathlon. To earn an overall score a competitor must start each phase
and must continue until eliminated or compelled to retire.

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